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Location of Natore District in Northwest Bangladesh (marked in Red)

Location of Natore District in Northwest Bangladesh (marked in Red)

Our project in Natore is now in its sixth year and has brought positive change to the community , two adjacent villages in Hatianda, in Natore District, in northern Bangladesh.


The project area is within the small villages of Baro & Choto Hatiandha of Shingra Thana, Nator District.  The total population of the area is 5,723 out of which there are 3,064 women.  The rate of adult women’s literacy in the area is extremely low (only approximately 12%).   Most of the inhabitants of this area are agricultural laborers.


The program’s core component is an eight-month adult literacy program, in which approximately 400 adults (mostly women) have participated to date. Literacy classes are followed by training on income generating activities, including sapling production, vegetable cultivation, candle making, sewing, and computer skills. Samhati has opened a small shop to sell these products. The participants are also learning about natural resources management, including generation of organic bio fertilizer, seed preservation and marketing, renewable energy, and waste management and recycling.   Samhati has provided 1,500 sapling trees, which project members planted in the community.


Our project features a Resource Center for the community, which includes a library and computer and internet services. The Resource Center shows educational films twice a week. The project participants are publishing a quarterly magazine with news, information, and creative writing from community members. To emphasize literacy, reading groups have been started and a mobile library makes home delivery of books and newspapers.


In Natore, we are also providing scholarships to 20 students, who are chosen by a committee based on merit and need. We are providing approximately $2,000 to fund these scholarships. Just this small amount ensures that these young people receive clothing, books, shoes, and other supplies so that they can stay enrolled in school.


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